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Hi, I'm Hanu Karlapalem and I'm running for Limestone County Commissioner in District 3.

Elections are about you - the citizens. Elections are about your aspirations, goals, and the issues that you face and the solutions that we might find. They are not about me or any other candidates.

I am running for office because there are important issues affecting the people of Limestone County that need to be addressed. Among them are trust, infrastructure support, quality of life for all citizens, access to quality utility services, access to jobs, and access to the government that represents them.  Central to the concept of serving the public, is the values of the people reflected in their representatives.  I believe my record, my story, and my beliefs illustrate the values of District 3 and the greater Limestone County area.

It's time for a county commission you can trust, transparent government processes you can count on, and transformation that works for you. 



build trust with responsive and accountable representation

Trust in our government and elected officials has hit rock bottom. Freedom House in their recent study found that ethical standards and transparency are becoming less common among our elected officials at all levels of government.

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ENSURING TRANSPARENCY at all levels of county government

Hanu will maintain transparency and ensure that he listens to you - the people, by refusing to take PAC money. Three principles of Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration form the cornerstone of an Open Government.

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Hanu will focus on economic diversity such as technology, engineering, retail, biotechnology, agribusinesses, aviation, movie, arts, and many more in his district.

His plan will focus on Smart Growth and Transformation that include a StartUp-Hub, which is a public private partnership. S-Hub is an Economic, Education, and Entertainment complex.

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